Quantum Computing

Building a functional quantum computer is one of the grand scientific challenges of the 21st century. This formidable task is the object of Quantum Engineering, a new and very active field of research at the interface between physics, computer science and mathematics. The goal of the EQIP challenge is to bring together all the competences already present in the institute, and to turn Inria into a major international actor in quantum engineering, including both the software and hardware aspects of quantum computing.

EQIP's Goals

Scientific synergy

The large spectrum of expertise gathered in the EQIP consortium might well be unique in the world. The teams involved in the challenge cover the entire engineering chain starting from hardware aspects such as building new qubits, the whole software stack, to applications.

Latest news!

EQIP is Created
EQIP is Created
The Inria Challenge EQIP (Engineering for Quantum Information Processors) is created