Guarded Attribute grammar

Guarded Attribute Grammars (GAG) is a model of cooperative work based on task resolution. A task is solved by dividing it into smaller tasks, solving these sub tasks and combining their results to produce the required output. The decomposition of tasks into smaller tasks is modeled as rewriting rules using...

Fuchsia launching workshop

Scheduled on the 22-23rd of April 2019, at “École Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique”, University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon.

Day 1 Workshop Program

Monday 22/4/2019 from 9am until 4pm Presentation of the FUCHSIA Project and ANR Astrid Coffee break Interface, Role and Micro Services in Distributed Collaborative Systems Step evaluation

Day 2 Workshop Program

Tuesday 23/4/2019 A model and a service composition platform based on GAGs Organization of first year activities Perspectives: – Visit of trainees in Rennes – Reflections on internship proposals Summary of the seminar


This project is the result of the coordination of six partners:
Inria Inria Sumo Team
Inria Sumo Team
Ecole Nationale Supérieur Polytechnique
Open Agora Epicentre