Snow avalanches, fluid flows, hair and cloth motion are just a few examples of the many phenomena that have been approached by both the computer graphics and the physics/mechanics communities. In graphics, the focus is primarily on developing numerical models that are visually convincing, efficient and controllable, so as to serve narrative and artistic goals, while physics/mechanics is all about developing predictive mathematical models and confronting them to real experiments. Because of these different focuses, the interaction between the communities has remained limited until recently. Cross-collaborations have surged when researchers from both sides started to realize their shared interest for capturing the rich couplings between geometry and dynamics of every-day phenomena, while perceiving that their approaches complement each other nicely: computer graphics is a playground for powerful numerical methods that are not known to most physicists/mechanicians; conversely, the accuracy of the physical/mechanical models can serve numerical efficiency and visual realism well. This new workshop aims at fostering collaborations and exchange of ideas between our two communities, by focusing on a few promising topics.

Supporting organizations

Program chairs

Florence Bertails-Descoubes (Inria – LJK) and Basile Audoly (CNRS – École Polytechnique)

Local organization

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