HyAIAI is an Inria Project Lab about the design of novel, interpretable approaches for Artificial Intelligence.

Summary: Recent progress in Machine Learning (ML) and especially Deep Learning has made ML pervasive in a wide range of applications. However, current approaches rely on complex numerical models: their decisions, as accurate as they may be, cannot be easily explained to the layman that may depend on these decisions (ex: get a loan or not). In the HyAIAI IPL, we tackle the problem of making “Interpretable ML” through the study and design of hybrid approaches that combine state of the art numeric models with explainable symbolic models. More precisely, our goal is to be able to integrate high level (domain) constraints in ML models, to give model designers information on ill-performing parts of the model, and to give the layman/practitioner understandable explanations on the results of the ML model.


Inria teams involved:

More information about the project here.

Contact : hyaiai @ inria dot fr

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