DocEng 2019: Using Knowledge Base Semantics in Context-Aware Entity Linking

Improving core technology to bridge content and knowledge bases through entity linking with the help of the information that knowledge bases embed. A collaboration between the LINKMEDIA and CEDAR team accepted for publication at the ACM Symposium on Document Engineering 2019, in Munich in September 2019.

Abstract. Entity linking is a core task in textual document processing, which consists in identifying the entities of a knowledge base (KB) that are mentioned in a text. Approaches in the literature consider either independent linking of individual mentions or collective linking of all mentions. Regardless of this distinction, most approaches rely on the Wikipedia encyclopedic KB in order to improve the linking quality, by exploiting its entity descriptions (web pages) or its entity interconnections (hyperlink graph of web pages). In this paper, we devise a novel collective linking technique which departs from most approaches in the literature by relying on a structured RDF KB. This allows exploiting the semantics of the interrelationships that candidate entities may have at disambiguation time rather than relying on raw structural approximation based on Wikipedia’s hyperlink graph. The few approaches that also use an RDF KB simply rely on the existence of a relation between the candidate entities to which mentions may be linked. Instead, we weight such relations based on the RDF KB structure and propose an efficient decoding strategy for collective linking. Experiments on standard benchmarks show significant improvement over the state of the art.

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