Project organisation and interests

M5HESTIA  is organized in 5 workpacakges
  • WP1: Project managment and dissemination
  • WP2: Antenna design and RF architecture
  • WP3: Propagation channel and Modelleing
  • WP4: Baseband signal processing
  • WP5: Baseband implementation and platform integration
M5HESTIA is carried out in parallel with M5 b<>com project

Common objectives: 

  • Comparison between different multi-user massive-MIMO processing techniques, by using the propagation channel model provided by the M5HESTIA project
  • Integration, in the HW platform under development by IRT (5M), of the M-MIMO system developed in the framework of M5HESTIA

To reach these objectives, several advanced antenna systems have been designed and/or implemented in M5HESTIA:

  • One Single Input Multiple Output (SIMO) system for channel sounding under M-MIMO conditions and further channel characterisation and modelling,
  • One Multiple Input Single Output (MISO) system to be implemented in the M-MIMO HW platform and used to demonstrate SDMA in the 60-GHz band.


Main project interests
  • For studying hybrid techniques the complementarity of the various expertises is essential: antennas, propagation, signal processing
  • This rich partership (academics and industrial) allows for
    • interesting proof of concept  with important IRT b<>com means in terms of platform
    • identification of industrials needs in mmWave thanks to Orange

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