WP2: antenna design and RF architecture

Comin Labs Human means

  • 1 PhD sudent (ARED + CominLabs)
  • 1 post Doc SAD

Main important results

After a preliminary study of architecture, one allows to respect the specification

Figure 6: 60GHZ RF front-end architecture selected

The system called M5HESTIA 60RX downconverter is composed of 3 parts:

  • A transmitarray antenna to generate multi-beams ( 8 in our case)
  • The downconverter integrating the antennas (primary source of the transmitarray)
  • The LO (Local Oscillator) generation, DC power repartition, frequency intermediary analog processing

The work has been shared between:

Then according to the intended application, different multibeam 60GHz systems (available pdf: WP2_multibeam60GHz ) are possible.

Future works

This work will be directly exploited in the project mmWSounder in the framework of “Action –Innovation” of Cominlabs where the objective is to integrate this module in a full channel sounder based on Software Defined Radio equipment. All partners will be involed.

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