WP2: Antenna design and RF architecture

The goal of this work package is to design a 60GHz RF front-end allowing digital and/or analog beamforming (figure 1) with the following specifications:

Figure 1: ex. multi-users MIMO communication in millimeterwave band

  • Input frequency: 57GHz-60GHz
  • Output frequency: 0GHz- 12GHz
  • Bandwidth: 2GHz
  • Angular scan: 90° (±45°)
  • Beamwidth: 10°
  • Side lobes level: <-13dB
  • Polarisation: linear
  • Simultaneous acquisition: 8 RX parallel in a plane

Two applications are focused:

  • The first is for channel sounding at 60GHz in quasi 3D (360° in the azimuthal plane and 90° in the elevation plane). The system will be interconnected with a channel sounder in FI (FrequencyIntermediary) band
  • The second application is for a proof of concept of a simultaneous 60GHz communication in a context of multi-users. The system will be integrated in the B-COM plateform presented in the WP5


  • Compact system
  • Interconnection to classic channel sounder or vector analyser network (output frequency between 1GHz and 10GHz)
  • Compatible with a full digital beamforming or a mix analog/digital beamforming
WP3: Propagation channel modelling
  • Channel characterization (Indoor and Outdoor) for a better knowledge of the mmW MIMO channel
  • Developing a mmW M-MIMO channel simulator based on measurements data for helping specific algorithmic simulations
WP4: Baseband signal processing

This work package aims at leading investigations on the theoretical performance of mm wave MU-MIMO systems and propose signal processing algorithms offering a good performance/complexity trade-off in the perspective of the platform developments in WP5.

Main objectives:

  • Assess the performance of various beamforming schemes for MU-MIMO systems taking into account

    Figure 2: Digital, Analog and Hybrid Precoding Schemes for Large-Scale Antenna Systems

    the specificities of mm waves in terms of propagation conditions and radio-frequency front-end

  • Explore the potential of hybrid digital/analogue transmitter structures in mm waves for spatial-based multi-user multiplexing (see Fig 2.)
  • Study the overall downlink/uplink capacity maximization of MU-MIMO mm wave transmission systems, taking into account channel estimation costs.
WP5: Baseband implementation & Platform Integration
  • System design and specification based on the selected use case and HW platform capabilities
  • RF front-end integration regarding to the antenna array specifications coming from WP2 and the b<>com platform capabilitiesBase-band signal processing and FPGA IP developments coming from the system specified by WP4
  • Integration and validation of analogue RF and digital base-band components
  • Demonstration and proof of concept validation

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