Platform specifications and Framework

Demonstration Objective

Figure 5-4: Massive MIMO 60GHz – set-up

Phy layer specifications
  • High throughput data transmission (5 Gbps)
  • 2 independent spatial streams, with 2 different services (SU MIMO)
  • OFDM and LDPC based
  • 2 GHz bandwidth
  • 256-QAM
  • Indoor/outdoor?
  • Powerful platform tested/validated in terms of features (data rate, interfaces, DAC/ADC …)
    •   High data rate links
  • Some IP VHDL already available – Phy layer almost complete
    •   FEC, scrambling, mapping, framing, (I)FFT
  • Question about framing and channel estimation
    •  Preamble based
    •   Wired synchro in the first demo
  • Implementation of beamsteering
    •  Integration of M5HESTIA Tx/Rx antenna issued from WP2

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