Masdin is a joint team between the Madynes research group at Inria Nancy Grand Est and the Interdisciplary Centre for Security Reliability and Trust (SnT) at the University of Luxembourg.

Inria members

  • Abdelkader Lahmadi
  • Cristian Ruiz
  • Emmanuel Jeanvoine
  • Giulia De Santis
  • Isabelle Chrisment
  • Jérôme François (Associate team leader, main contact)
  • Lucas Nussbaum
  • Olivier Festor
  • Paul Chaignon (Joint PhD with Orange Labs)
  • Rémi Badonnel
  • Thibault Cholez
  • Xavier Marchal

SnT Members

  • Christian Hammerschmidt
  • Eric Falk
  • Jérémy Charlier
  • Mathis Steichen
  • Nida Kahn
  • Radu State (Luxembourg coordinator)
  • Salvatore Signorello
  • Sofiane Lagraa
  • Stefan Hommes
  • Wazen Shbair

Invited people

  • Kahina Lazri (Orange Labs)

Former member:

  • Jonathan Arnault
  • Thomas Engel
  • Lautaro Dolberg

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