Long Research visits

19/06/2017 – 26/06/2017

J. François was hosted at the University of Luxembourg in order to setup new cooperations regarding blockchain technologies. A. Lahmadi was also invited for one day. It was the occasion to define an action plan for project proposal and submission. From Luxembourg side, W. Shbair and N. Kahn were involved to initiate a work on experimentation of blockchain with Grid 5000. In addition, together with R. State and O. Festor, J. François actively discusses with S. Signorello, entering in his last PhD year in order to finalized last contributions and prepare the manuscript writing. Technical work consisted in extending the Interest Flooding Attacks contribution by comparing our semantic approach with more State-of-the-Art counter-measures.

May – June 2017

O. Festor spends two months in Luxembourg in order to enhance our cooperation in the area of Blockchain. Most specifically, he was focused on applying use case in smart vehicle and mobility scenarios. He was in charge of co-advising one internship which led to the development of a demonstrator aiming at distributing vehicle information.

20/03/2017 – 31/03/2017

S. Lagraa visited SnT to start our new joint activity on blockchain. In particular, we share our expertise in data analytics in order to model smart contract relationships. A a result, we elaborate two analysis method, one based on graph mining and another on TensorFlow. Thanks to this method a better understanding on smart contract dynamics and even prediction has been provided. The main result is a joint paper presented at the MIDAS workshop at ECML-PKDD 2017.

22/11/2016 – 09/12/2016

S. Signorello will spend almost three weeks in end of the year. He already implements the IFA attacks and mitigation mechanisms from state-of-the-art. He already, jointly with J. François, identify advanced attack mechanisms that require to completely rethink mitigation. This is the goal of this planned meeting.

30/08/2016 – 16/09/2016

S. Signorello visited Inria for more than 2 weeks in September. The main goal of the visit was to identify together with researchers and students in Nancy what are particular challenges regarding ICN he can focus his own research to stimulate collaborations and synergies. He was especially working with J. François as usual but also X. Marchal and T. Cholez. As both groups are working on ICN implementation, one with P4 and the other relying of virtualized stacks, comparing in qualitative and quantitative manner is a joint topic identified as well as proposing adaptations to eliminate major performance bottlenecks affecting the practical deployment of NDN technologies. In addition, security of ICN is also an active topic at Inria and we found some common interests. S. Signorello will start to investigate the IFA (Interest Flooding Attack).


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