17th ERCOFTAC SIG15 / MONACO_2025 workshop: turbulent natural convection flows in differentially heated cavities, Pau, France, 19-20 January 2023


Turbulent natural convection in wall-bounded configurations, in particular differentially heated cavities, have been the focus of a number of studies in the past, due to their relevance for different industrial configurations, such as nuclear power plants, underhood of road vehicules, buildings, etc. However, it is only recently that we have obtained sufficiently high Rayleigh number data (experimental and DNS data) for the validation of advanced RANS, hybrid RANS/LES or LES models.

Following the 16th ERCOFTAC SIG-15 workshop held in Ljubljana in 2019, the 17th workshop will focus on the DNS database of the square cavity case by Frederic Sebilleau and co-workers at Ra=10^11. In addition, the very recent experimental database of Weppe and co-workers (MONACO_2025 project) of a cubic cavity with a partially heated inner block at Ra=1.4 x 10^9 (based on the inner-block height), will be considered.



As usual for this series of workshops organized under the auspices of the SIG-15, the workshop will consist of keynote lectures, short research presentations and panel discussions of the cross-plots based on the results provided by the participants. A detailed program will be provided later. It will be held at the university of Pau, located in the South-West part of France, on the 19th and 20th of January 2022.

All participants are welcome:

– Those who have studied these configurations and wish to submit their results for cross-comparison.

– Those simply interested in the subject.

The registration fee (to be determined) will be modest and will simply cover meals.

Organizer : Rémi Manceau, member of the SIG-15 steering committee, senior CNRS researcher, INRIA project-team Cagire, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics CNRS-University of Pau-E2S UPPA-INRIA

Please email remi.manceau (@) univ-pau.fr for further information

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