CHORUS: Coordinated approacH to the EurOpean effoRt on aUdio-visual Search engines

CHORUS is a Coordination Action which consists on supporting the preparation of an analysis and a roadmap for the realisation of Audio-visual search engines in EU. That activity need a multi-disciplinary (societal, economic, regulatory and technological) and strategic approach and imply the participation of major Stakeholders of the domain through the creation of a Think-Tank. The Think Tank, to which several representative organizations have agreed to participate, will contribute to give an industrial relevance to the coordination action and its visions. The areas a priori investigated by the project are described in WP2 activities.

Interaction and dissemination will be further ensured through the set-up of a conference and dedicated workshops addressing a large community which complement the coordination instruments proposed by CHORUS. The consortium represents established and well-reputed research institutions and consultancies with a broad range of intellectual and technological expertise in the area, both as regards concrete actions and policy development and track records of national, Union-wide, and international cooperation and activity.

Those actors have the experience and the network to achieve a wide audience for the efforts under discussion, and possess the experience and authority both as regards research and industrial weight to ensure timely dissemination and take-up of the most worthy ideas and results of the coordination action.

Videos of events: National Initiatives on Audio-Visual Search Engines, Final conference

Chorus has been extended for 3 years into Chorus+.

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