Release v1.0.0

Dear all,

Release v1.0.0 of the PaMPA software is now available for download,
under the GPL licence.

PaMPA is a software library for handling unstructured meshes in
parallel, on distributed memory architectures. PaMPA speeds-up and
eases the writing of scientific solvers that implement compact schemes
and models, by providing abstractions of mesh entities and their
connected neighbors of a given kind.

PaMPA has been extensively tested for several years, being used in the
Aerosol solver developed by the Cardamom and Cagire Inria teams. PaMPA
has run on up to 1200 cores on the Curie cluster (CCRT, France), and
2048 cores on the Turing cluster (IDRIS).

In order to obtain it, one just needs to fill out this form on download tab.

An e-mail will be sent in return, including a link to the sources.

Cédric Lachat & François Pellegrini.

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