April Deployment, day 5

12 April 2016, Mendoza, Argentina.

Thomas and Diego left Mendoza yesterday to return to their respective labs. The local team is now following the work, starting by cutting wood in pieces, fixing those pieces onto the boxes and making sure they don’t move. Yes, those motes are being very agitated so we have to chain them to wood.

Where to deploy the motes? The application comes first. With input from the agronomy team at INTA, we will deploy the motes evenly across the orchard. One pole will be placed every five trees. Each pole will be equipped with four temperature and humidity sensors at different heights, starting from the ground, every 75cm, and with ground humidity and temperature. The plan for tomorrow is to test whether this distribution in realistic in term of network capabilities, since most motes have chip antennas.

If this setup works well, the INTA team will place wooden in the orchard on Friday, on which we will mount the motes!

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