April Deployment, day 8

15 April 2016, Mendoza, Argentina.

It’s alive !

We started the day early to make sure everything worked fine at the end of the day. We were nicely rewarded by a wonderful view of the sunrise above the “pre-cordilleras”.

As promised, the INTA team had installed 20 5m poles between the peach trees on which to fix our motes. One after another, we turned the motes on and attached them to the top of the poles. We could see the network forming live on Ana’s mobile phone, really awesome. With two ladders and a liter of mate, it took us only a few hours to install all the motes.

Since we still had one, we installed an extra long-range mote between the orchard and the network manager, for redundancy. The Dust motes are definitely not plug-and-pray devices, they work perfectly fine from the first time we turn them on.

We now have a grand total of 22 motes sending data to the server in the Inria-EVA lab in Paris! Check out the live data at sol.paris.inria.fr. Now that we have the live data stream, we’ll work on some fancy visualization.

We are proud to show you our very first 24 hours of sensor data, streamed live from the orchard 🙂

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