Octobre 16 Deployment, first visit

Durig this first visit, the UTN Mendoza team went to the deployment site to:

  1. Install a “sensor cable” along one of the poles, with four Adafruit SHT31-D temperature and relative humidity sensors.
  2. Install a thermal shield around each of the sensors.
  3. Connect the sensor cable to to the mote’s pin (using I2C and GPIO pins)
  4. replace the firmware on the mote from the default firmware to a custom make, On-Chip SDK-based firware (version 07092016_1303) which periodically reads the sensor values and sends those to the PEACH servers in Inria-Paris.

Participants were:

  • Guillermo Grünwaldt
  • Matías Pecchia
  • Nicolás Altamiranda
  • Carlos Taffernaberry

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