PLASMA Lab is a compact, efficient and flexible platform for statistical model checking of stochastic models. PLASMA Lab demonstrates the following advances:

  • Use your own simulator and  checker via our plugin system.
  • Build your software around Plasma Lab using our API.
  • Prism (Reactive Modules Language-RML), Biological languages supported.
  • Matlab/Simulink, SytemC and LLVM plugins.
  • Distributed architecture. Whether you plan to use several computers on a local area network or  a grid, you can run PLASMA Lab in an easy way.
  • Fast algorithms.
  • Efficient data structure, low memory consumption.
  • Developed with Java for compatibility.

PLASMA Lab, is being integrated into the DALi and DANSE project platforms.

How to cite PLASMA Lab

  • Plasma Lab: A Modular Statistical Model Checking Platform. Axel Legay, Sean Sedwards, Louis-Marie Traonouez, ISoLA 2016: 77-93
  • PLASMA-lab: A Flexible, Distributable Statistical Model Checking Library. Benoît Boyer, Kevin Corre, Axel Legay, Sean Sedwards, QEST 2013: 160-164
  • A Platform for High Performance Statistical Model Checking – PLASMA. Cyrille Jégourel, Axel Legay, Sean Sedwards, TACAS 2012: 498-503

News & Contact

You can subscribe to the Plasmas-lab-news mailing list to receive news on PLASMA-Lab.

For support ask questions to following mailing list:

plasma-lab-support [no-spam] lists.gforge.inria.fr


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