Profile is a CominLabs project.


Analyzing and mitigating the risks of online profiling: building a global perspective at the intersection of law, computer science and sociology


Which legal and technical instruments can be offered to individuals to protect their fundamental rights at controlling the extent to which they are profiled online?

From a legal standpoint, the European Union is working to reform the system for personal data protection by replacing Directive 95/46/EC3 by a Regulation, whose first draft resulted in the proposal of 25 January 2012, amended by the European Parliament in 2014, and which aims to strengthen the rights of individuals with respect to their personal data. The final version is expected by the end of 2015. PROFILE aims at complementing these regulatory efforts by analyzing the practice of consent on data usage and the general terms and conditions proposed by service providers. The ultimate goal will consist in a legal framework that enables users to understand how their data is being used thereby improving the transparency of provided services.

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