Publications in international journals

  • Breathing rate estimation using Kalman smoother with electrocardiogram and photoplethysmogram
  • Estimation of respiratory variables from thoracoabdominal breathing distance: a review of different techniques and calibration methods
  • Respiratory magnetometer plethysmography: a portable device to estimate ventilation during light to moderate exercises
  • Estimation of respiratory volume from thoracoabdominal breathing distances: comparison of two models of machine learning.
  • Advanced classification of ambulatory activities using spectral density distances and heart rate

Publications in international conferences

  • Multi-frequency model fusion for robust breathing rate estimation
  • Multi-feature probabilistic detector applied on apnea/hypopnea monitoring
  • Evidence of the respiratory magnetometer plethysmography for the estimation of minute ventilation during low to moderate intensities.
  • From bounded to pragmatic data collection protocol: Validity of state-of-the-art activity recognition in daily life context.
  • A Flexible Architecture for Mobile Health Monitoring
  • Toward an Open-Source Flexible Systemfor Mobile Health Monitoring
  • Recognition of dynamic and stationary activity types in out-of-lab conditions using rate and accelerometers data fusion.
  • Couplage de l’accéléromètre, du géo-positionnement satellitaire et de la fréquence cardiaque dans la détection d’activités physiques et sédentaires.
  • Ambulatory physical activity representation and classification using spectral distances approach
  • Couplage du géo-positionnement satellitaire, de l’accélérométrie et de la fréquence cardiaque dans la détection de différents types d’activités physiques et sédentaires.

PhD Dissertation

  • Multisensor based activity recognition: Development and validation in real life context
  • Fusion par Lisseur de Kalman pour l’Estimation de la Fréquence Respiratoire à partir de l’Electrocardiogramme ou du Photoplethysmogramme

Softwares registration

  • Sherpam has been registered with the French Agence pour la Protection des Programmes IDDN.FR.001.540019.000.S.P.2015.000.31230
  • Soffware registration : Real-time Application for the Classification of Human Activities : RACHA
  • Software registration : SHERPAM – AMWalC (Ambulatory Monitoring of Walking Capacity)

Publications prior to the project

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