Sodéal, Agde, France

Pierre Weiss
Director of the Cap d’Agde Harbors

EcoToPort, Agde, France

Olivier Laporte

Univerisity of California, Berkeley

Steven D. Glaser, PhD
Professor, Systems Engineering

Device Gateway SA, EPFL, Switzerland

Eunah Kim, PhD
Head of Research

Inria, Paris, France

Thomas Watteyne Thomas Watteyne, PhD
Inria-EVA team
(p) +33 1 39 63 52 63
(m) +33 7 83 08 34 97
Ziran Zhang, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Lead
Inria-EVA team
(p) +33 1 80 49 41 43
Keoma Brun-Laguna Keoma Brun-Laguna
PhD Student
Inria-EVA team

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