The final report of the project is available here.
  • A procedural virtual training for scrub nurses was developed and an acceptability study was realised on 15 scrub nurses.
  • A virtual operating room of errors training for scrub nurses was developed and a situation awareness study was realised on 18 scrub nurse students.
  • A software SunSet Eval is developped; It is an evaluation platform to assess qualitative and quantitative progress over time.

Additional results:

  • The scenario of scrub nurses procedural training, a preparation of an instrumentation table, is protected by the APP french agency.
  • Virtual operating room semantic for #SEVEN ( Software about virtual reality interaction and collaborative environment) is protected by the APP french agency.
  • 3D model of the virtual operating room environment is protected by the APP french agency.


Immersive VR scenarios with HTC Vive system


–          Instrumentation table scenario

The scenario is designed to train scrub nurses in the preparation of the instrumentation table for a craniotomy in the operating room (OR). In accordance with the surgical protocol for a craniotomy, participants have to arrange the surgical instruments that are displayed in front of them or handed to them by the virtual circulating nurse. This scenario involves 138 surgical instruments and 50 different interactions between the user and the virtual environment.

Instrumentation table preparation

Error Recognition in a virtual OR

The scenario aims to develop situation awareness (ability to gather information, recognize and understand information, as well as anticipate its future status) in a VR environment.

After reading a paper version of the patient file, participants are immersed in the virtual OR where they can move freely between 5 different places. The scenario includes 19 errors, divided into five categories. Participants have 14 minutes to check that quality standards, safety and hygiene rules are respected in the virtual OR, and report any error they observe.

Operating room of errors

Non immersive VR scenario with tablets

–          Speaking up scenario

The scenario aims to understand the importance of communicating with colleagues in the OR and the obstacles to communication (risk, status, culture safety…). Participants face four errors or problematic behaviors, two involving the circulating nurse and two, the surgeon. For each one they are asked if and how they would react. The scenario is followed by a self-debriefing.

Operating room of errors on the tablette

XP session with the scrub nurse students

SunSet Eval 

SunSet Eval is a software environment for evaluating and measuring the performance of non-technical skills learning sessions in a virtual environment. This software allows to apply metrics on the results of simulations, both qualitative and quantitative, in order to measure a learner’s performance.

SunSet Eval – statistics on operating room simulation results

SunSet Eval – kinematics analysis on operating room simulation results

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