Team members

Name Team Position Role in SunSet
Pierre Jannin MediCIS/LTSI INSERM Univ Rennes 1 DR2 Inserm Principal Investigator
Bernard Gibaud MediCIS/LTSI INSERM Univ Rennes 1 CR1 Inserm Supervision of ontology and symbolic reasoning aspects
Bruno Arnaldi Hybrid, IRISA/Inria Professor in VR Supervision of VR aspects
Valérie Gouranton Hybrid, IRISA/Inria Associate professor Supervision of VR aspects
Benoit Caillaud Hycomes, IRISA/Inria DR2 Inria Supervision of the model synthesis aspects
Estelle Michinov LP3C University de Rennes II Professor in Psychology Supervision of the interpersonal aspects of the non-technical skills
Pierre-Louis Hénaux MediCIS/LTSI, CHU Pontchaillou Rennes Neurosurgeon Neurosurgeon
Emmanuelle Mondin CHU Pontchaillou Rennes Manager of the Operating rooms Specification and user study design
Benedicte Nogues CHU Pontchaillou Rennes Scrub nurse Specification and user study design


Name Supervizion Position Topic Current activities
Marie Le Duff LTSI 17 month engineer SunSet Eval and user studies Engineer in another project at MediCIS
Marie-Stéphanie Bracq LP3D PhD PhD in psychology on training non technical skills in VR PhD defense planned for march 2020
Javier Rojas Balderama LTSI 9 month Postdoc Ontology, data acquisition Post doc at Inria
Gautier Picard INSA/IRISA 13 month PhD Ontology and automatic scenario generation PhD stopped after one year. Engineer at Audensiel Technologies
Guillaume Claude INSA/IRISA 8 month engineer VR development VR Engineer in artistic school
Adrien Reuzeau INSA/IRISA 6 month engineer VR development Engineer at INSA
Alexandre Audinot INSA/IRISA 2 year 4 month engineer VR Recruited as engineer in another project at Hybrid
Aurélien Lemercier INRIA 12 month engineer Methods for scenario generation PhD at Inria

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