June-August 2016

Marwa Chafii: Research visit to the Department of Engineering Science – Oxford University, United Kingdom. “Performance Analysis of non-orthogonal multi-tone FSK modulation schemes.”

EIT Digital Conference – Driving Europe’s Digital Transformation in Brussels (April 2016)

Laudin Molina is invited to participate in work sessions with PhD candidates, from all EIT Doctoral Training Centers, during the EIT Digital Conference and Partner Event to be held in Brussels, from April 12th to April 14th.

Student Award at URSI 2016!!

Marwa Chafii received The Student Paper Award at URSO 2016 for the following publication: Marwa Chafii, Jacques Palicot, Rémi Gribonval,: La modulation en ondelettes: une modulation alternative à faible consommation d’énergie

Laudin Molina is following the EIT Doctoral School

Laudin Molina is following the EIT Doctoral School for innovation and entrepreneurship, from 2015 to 2018. To
transfer his research from the lab to the marketplace.

July-August 2015

Marwa Chafii: Visiting the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Communication  Theory Laboratory, Yokohama National University, Japan. The main technical focus: “Study of the trade-off: Frequency Localization of the carriers and the PAPR”

Collaboration with: Prof. Hideki Ochiai

June-July 2015

Marwa Chafii: Visiting the Department of Electronics, University of York, United Kingdom. The main technical focus: “Study of the performance of the wavelet modulation: PAPR, spectral efficiency, and bit error rate for different channels”

Collaboration with: Prof. Alister G. Burr

June-July 2014

Marwa Chafii: Visiting the Chair of Wireless Communications, Poznan University of Technology, Poland. The main technical focus: “Time Frequency Localization analysis for different orthogonal transforms”

Collaboration with: Dr. Adrian Kliks

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