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VEP-S team is attending the Result Day Helsinki 2014

Come and ask the VEP-S to show you the demo! Download the Poster and Flyer.

VEP integrates the SLA OCCI extension

Now VEP integrates the SLA OCCI extension, a new standard draft proposed to the OCCI community. The draft describes how to link resources with Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreements negotiated between users and cloud providers. Stay tuned for the next release!

VEP supports OCCI from OGF

VEP has integrated the support for OCCI cloud management standard! This enables supporting new cloud IaaS implementing OCCI.

VEP 2.2 released

Virtual Execution Platform is a cloud middleware software that interfaces multiple Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. VEP offers two types of services: 1 – management of data centres for a Cloud administrator allowing greater control on the physical resources; 2 – management of end-user distributed applications made up of several inter-networked virtual machines on …

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A new EIT ICT Labs activity built on VEP

EIT ICT Labs has just financed a new activity in the Future Cloud Action line to mature the VEP technology and transfer it to industry. Partners are Intel and Reply.