Terms for talk.vision4ai.eu

Terms of Service

This service is hosted by Inria in its datacenter in France ; Inria provides on this infrastructure a running instance of Mattermost, the “Open Source self-hostable online chat service” accessible through https://talk.vision4ai.eu .

The information exchanged on this service must not be confidential.

1. Responsibility of Contributors

The responsibility for all the content provided by users of the different communities in the Mattermost channels is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the users of each of these communities. Inria will in no case be held responsible for any violation or violation of the copyright, or the violation of the rights of any other person or the violation of any law, including, but not limited to, ITAR, violation or misappropriation of copyright, trademark or any other property rights of any person or entity, arising from or related to the content of these communities.

2. Your Mattermost Account

You may not use your Account in violation of any law or policies instituted by the entity providing you access to this Service.


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