Accepted papers

The PDF article are available since authors give their agreement to make them appear here. If not available, please contact directly the authors for any request.

Oral presentations:

  • Harjit Hullait, David Leslie, Nicos Pavlidis and Steve King – Robust Functional Regression for Outlier Detection, AALTD_19_Hullait
  • Maël Guillemé, Simon Malinowski, Romain Tavenard and Xavier Renard – Localized Random Shapelet AALTD_19_Guilleme
  • Matthew Middlehurst, William Vickers and Anthony Bagnall – Scalable Dictionary Classifiers for Time Series Classification AALTD_19_Middlehurst
  • Kriti Kumar, Angshul Majumdar, Girish Chandra and A Anil Kumar – Transform Learning Based Function Approximation for Regression and Forecasting AALTD_19_Kumar
  • Vincent Lemaire, Fabien Boitier, Jelena Pesic, Alexis Bondu, Stéphane Ragot and Fabrice Clérot – Proactive Fiber Break Detection based on Quaternion Time Series and Automatic Variable Selection from Relational Data AALTD_19_Lemaire
  • Matthieu Boussard and Tom Puech – A fully automated periodicity detection in time series AALTD_19_Boussard
  • Bart van der Lugt and Ad Feelders – Conditional Forecasting of Water Level Time Series with RNNs AALTD_19_vanDerLugt
  • Jingwei Zuo, Karine Zeitouni and Yehia Taher – Incremental and Adaptive Feature Exploration over Time Series Stream AALTD_19_Zuo
  • George Oastler and Jason Lines – A Significantly Faster Elastic Ensemble for Time Series Classification AALTD_19_Oaslter
  • Marieke Vinkenoog, Mart Janssen and Matthijs van Leeuwen – Challenges and Limitations in Clustering Blood Donor Hemoglobin Trajectories AALTD_19_Vinkenoog
  • João Mendes-Moreira and Mitra Baratchi – Reconciling predictions in the regression setting: an application to bus travel time prediction AALTD_19_MendesMoreira


  • Christopher Martin Amadeus Bonenberger, Benjamin Kathan and Wolfgang Ertel – Feature-Based Gait Pattern Classification for a Robotic Walking Frame AALTD_19_Bonenberger
  • Dihia Boulegane, Albert Bifet and Giyyarpuram Madhusudan – Arbitrated Dynamic Ensemble with Abstaining for Time Series Forecasting on Data Streams AALTD_19_Boutegane
  • Harish S. Bhat and Shagun Rawat – Learning Stochastic Dynamical Systems via Bridge Sampling
  • Daniel Shen and Min Chi – An Initial Study on Adapting DTW at Individual Query for Electrocardiogram Analysis AALTD_19_Bhat
  • Lucas Foulon, Serge Fenet, Christophe Rigotti and Denis Jouvin – Detecting Anomalies over Message Streams in Railway Communication Systems
  • Clément Christophe, Julien Velcin, Jairo Cugliari, Philippe Suignard and Manel Boumghar – How to detect novelty in textual data streams? A comparative study of existing methods.
  • Katarzyna Juraszek, Nidhi Saini, Marcela Charfuelan, Holmer Hemsen and Volker Markl – Extended Kalman Filter for Large Scale Vessels Trajectory Tracking in Distributed Stream Processing Systems AALTD_19_Juraszek
  • Edouard Pineau, Sébastien Razakarivony and Thomas Bonald – Seq2VAR: multivariate time series representation with relational neural networks and linear autoregressive model AALTD_19_Pineau
  • Yildiz Karadayi – Unsupervised Anomaly Detection in Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Datasets using Deep Learning AALTD_19_Karadayi
  • Mohammad Al-Naser, Takehiro Niikura, Sheraz Ahmed, Hiroki Ohashi, Takuto Sato, Mitsuhiro Okada, Katsuyuki Nakamura and Andreas Dengel – Quantifying Quality of Actions Using Wearable Sensor AALTD_19_AlNaser
  • Kezi Yu, Yunlong Wang and Yong Cai – Modelling Patient Sequences for Rare Disease Detection with Semi-supervised Generative Adversarial Nets AALTD_19_Yu

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