Accepted papers

Oral presentation

  • Arik Ermshaus, Patrick Schäfer and Ulf Leser. Window Size Selection In Unsupervised Time Series Analytics: A Review and Benchmark PDF
  • Sepideh Koohfar and Laura Dietz. Adjustable Context-aware Transformer PDF
  • Thach Le Nguyen and Georgiana Ifrim. Fast Time Series Classification with Random Symbolic Subsequences PDF
  • Ángel López-Oriona, Pablo Montero-Manso and José Vilar. Time series clustering based on prediction accuracy of global forecasting model PDF
  • Michael Franklin Mbouopda, Thomas Guyet, Nicolas Labroche and Abel Heuriot. Local vs global forecasting methods for groundwater level prediction PDF
  • Naji Najari, Samuel Berlemont, Gregoire Lefebvre, Stefan Duffner and Christophe Garcia. RESIST: Robust Transformer for Unsupervised Time Series Anomaly Detection PDF

Poster presentation

  • Chao Chen and Anuj Srivastava. ElasticRegNet: An Unsupervised Network for Joint Temporal Alignment PDF
  • Oshana Dissanayake, Sarah McPherson, Emer Kennedy, Katie Sugrue, Muireann Conneely, Laurence Shalloo, Pádraig Cunningham and Lucile Riaboff. Identification of the Best Accelerometer Features and Time-scale to Detect Disturbances in Calves PDF
  • Nathan Morsa. EDGAR: Embedded Detection of Gunshots by AI in Real-time PDF
  • Neha Pant, Durga Toshniwal and Bhola Ram Gurjar. Application of Attention Mechanism combined with Long Short-Term Memory for forecasting Dissolved Oxygen in Ganga River flowing through Uttar Pradesh, India PDF
  • Alejandro Pasos Ruiz and Anthony Bagnall. Dimension selection strategies for multivariate time series classification with HIVE-COTEv2.0 PDF
  • Gautier Pialla, Maxime Devanne, Jonathan Weber, Lhassane Idoumghar and Germain Forestier. Data Augmentation for Deep Learning Time Series Classification PDF
  • Niccolò Zangrando, Piero Fraternali, Rocio Nahime Torres, Marco Petri, Nicolò Oreste Pinciroli Vago and Sergio Herrera. A framework supporting the life-cycle of time series anomaly detection applications PDF

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