The workshop will be in the Makalu room (180), 2nd floor of the WTC. People that attend remotely must have received their credentials to connect to the system. Then you simply have to browse the program to find the workshop and the link to the online session will be available.

Details about the location and the zoom links will be provided as soon as possible. The articles are available in the accepted papers.

  • 9:00h – 10h00: Main conference invited talk Yann LeCun (Auditorium)
  • Break
  • 10:30h – 10h45: Workshop introduction by organizers [slides]
  • 10h45 – 11h45: Time Series Analytics: Supervised Learning (chair: V. Lemaire)
    • Sepideh Koohfar and Laura Dietz. Adjustable Context-aware Transformer [slides]
    • Thach Le Nguyen and Georgiana Ifrim. Fast Time Series Classification with Random Symbolic Subsequences [slides]
    • Michael Franklin Mbouopda, Thomas Guyet, Nicolas Labroche and Abel Heuriot. Local vs global forecasting methods for groundwater level prediction [slides]
  • 11h45 – 12h15 1st Poster session (Chair: T. Guyet) [5′ presentation + 5′ Q&A per poster]
    • Oshana Dissanayake, Sarah McPherson, Emer Kennedy, Katie Sugrue, Muireann Conneely, Laurence Shalloo, Pádraig Cunningham and Lucile Riaboff. Identification of the Best Accelerometer Features and Time-scale to Detect Disturbances in Calves [slides][poster]
    • Nathan Morsa. EDGAR: Embedded Detection of Gunshots by AI in Real-time [slides]
    • Gautier Pialla, Maxime Devanne, Jonathan Weber, Lhassane Idoumghar and Germain Forestier. Data Augmentation for Deep Learning Time Series Classification [poster]
  • 12h30 – 13h30 : Invited talk by Dr Emilie Devijver: Causal Discovery in Observational Time Series [slides] (Chair: T. Guyet)
  • Lunch break
  • 14h30 – 15:10h : 2nd Poster Session (Chair: T. Ifrim) [5′ presentation + 5′ Q&A per poster]
    • Chao Chen and Anuj Srivastava. ElasticRegNet: An Unsupervised Network for Joint Temporal Alignment
    • Neha Pant, Durga Toshniwal and Bhola Ram Gurjar. Application of Attention Mechanism combined with Long Short-Term Memory for forecasting Dissolved Oxygen in Ganga River flowing through Uttar Pradesh, India
    • Alejandro Pasos Ruiz and Anthony Bagnall. Dimension selection strategies for multivariate time series classification with HIVE-COTEv2.0 [slides]
    • Niccolò Zangrando, Piero Fraternali, Rocio Nahime Torres, Marco Petri, Nicolò Oreste Pinciroli Vago and Sergio Herrera. A framework supporting the life-cycle of time series anomaly detection applications [slides]
  • 15:10h – 16h10: Time Series Analytics: Unsupervised Learning (Chair: G. Ifrim)
    • Arik Ermshaus, Patrick Schäfer and Ulf Leser. Window Size Selection In Unsupervised Time Series Analytics: A Review and Benchmark [slides]
    • Ángel López-Oriona, Pablo Montero-Manso and José Vilar. Time series clustering based on prediction accuracy of global forecasting model [slides]
    • Naji Najari, Samuel Berlemont, Gregoire Lefebvre, Stefan Duffner and Christophe Garcia. RESIST: Robust Transformer for Unsupervised Time Series Anomaly Detection [slides]
  • 16h15 – 16h30: Workshop Closing.
  • 16h30 – … Poster Discussion

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