Meeting at Inria (10 September 2021) and the resume of project’s secondments

The global pandemic has been an unfortunate consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak, which has had significant impact on our project. However, thanks to virtual communication, such as online meetings, the progress of the project has not been seriously deprived and the productive work could still continue.

In September 2021, the secondments of the projects have been resumed. Five beneficiaries including ESTECO, IEFLUIDS, University of Seville, OPTIMAD and University of Torino have come to Inria Bordeaux to work together on various tasks under ARIA project. The physical meeting amongst these teams on 10 September included topics on sampling, mapping and aneurism. It was such a nice occasion to have face to face meetings and work together on-site again. These secondments will last for 1-2 months. The summary report will be announced after the end of secondments.

Photo: Our scientific corrdinator – Angelo Iollo at the meeting room

Photo: The secondment team at the meeting room

Photo: the secondment team gather at Inria


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