ARIA Seminar September 2021


The second seminar of ARIA project is planned to bring you ideas on one of the projects’ test cases, Ahmed Body by Volkswagen.

There will be talks by ARIA scientists and invited experts in the domain accompanied by open discussions.

The seminar will be organized in the afternoon of Tuesday 21 September 2021


The seminar will be organized online and open to public. Please REGISTER HERE to receive the connection detail.

Presentations and Tutorials

You can find HERE all the tutorials and presentations of the speakers during this event.


The agenda of the seminar is as follows:

Time (CEST)
Tuesday, 21 September 2021
14:00-14:05 Opening speech (Angelo Iollo – ARIA Scientific Coordinator)
14:05-14:25 Talk: Reduced Order Models for Interactive Aerodynamic Vehicle Design by Carsten Othmer (Volkswagen) and Markus Mrosek (Volkswagen)
14:25-14:30 Question and Discussion
14:30-14:50 Talk: A discretize-then-map approach for the treatment of parameterized geometries in model order reduction by Tommaso Taddei (Inria Bordeaux)
14:50-14:55 Questions and Discussion
14:55-15:15 Talk: Challenges for Reduced Order Models and Machine Learning for high-dimensional aerodynamic problems by Haysam Telib (Optimad)
15:15-15:20 Questions and Discussion
15:20-15:40 Talk: Mapping of coherent structures in parameterized flows by learning optimal transportation with Gaussian models by Angelo Iollo (Inria Bordeaux)
15:40-15:45 Questions and Discussion
15:45-16:00 Open discussion and ending of the seminar (chaired by Angelo Iollo)

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