Secondment on Discontinuous Galerkin model for shallow water equations (Feb-Mar 2020)

An Early Stage Researcher (L.Zhang) from Inria, Bordeaux did a secondment visit from February to March 2020 to Optimad, Turin, Italy to develop a Discontinuous Galerkin model for shallow water equations which could then be projected in a reduced space to build a Reduced Order Model (ROM).

The work involved in this secondment visit includes:

  • the gain of knowledge on how a MPI parallel code is implemented using the PETSC Library
  • the ability to get familiar with the model of Discontinuous Galerkin method, and “enhanced stability recovery method” to calculate the diffusive term
  • parallel MPI implementation of the shallow water equations, and validation of the implementation through numerical test cases.
  • implementation of a residual-based artificial viscosity for high- order space discretization
  • implementation of space time formulation for shallow water equations.

A publication of the secondee is planned after this research visit.

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