Secondment visit from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore to Virginia Tech

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) made the secondment visit to Virginia Tech from 10 June to 09 July 2022. The main purpose of the secondment was to set up a collaboration between the secondee and the, group of Prof. Traian Iliescu.

The collaboration is based on two independent research topics:

1) reduced order modelling for incompressible flows built upon regularized ROMs,

2) exploitation of optimization based strategies, such as PDE-constrained optimization, within,a broader class of Galerkin ROMs, such as ROMs with closure or regularized ROMs

Virginia Tech Campus

Transfer-of-knowledge for the first topic was mainly from VT to UCSC. Indeed, Prof. Iliescu is one of,of the leading experts on regularized ROMs in computational fluid dynamics, and Dr. Ballarin,benefited from his knowledge and research experience. Among the possible regularized ROMs, the focus was in particular on models based on approximate deconvolution.

Transfer-of-knowledge for the second topic was mainly from UCSC to VT, and based on previous experience of Dr. Ballarin on PDE-constrained optimization. The secondment of Dr. Ballarin has also had an impact on young researchers working in,Prof. Iliescu’s group. In particular, the secondee worked closely with Ian Moore, a graduate student under the supervision of UCSC to introduce him to the FEniCSx finite element library and the RBniCSx reduced order modelling package, of which Dr. Ballarin is the lead developer.

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