DCASE 2020 – Task 4

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Reminder: the following lines assume you are on the DESED repo:

git clone https://github.com/turpaultn/DESED
pip install -e .

If you want to download all the data at once: create_dcase2020_dataset.sh (not recommended)

Otherwise download recorded soundscapes and synthetic soundscapes separately (recommended)

Recorded soundscapes:

DCASE 2020 recorded set stays the same as 2019.
To download it see real_data/create_dcase2019_dataset.sh and launch line by line in case of bugs.

Synthetic soundscapes:

For 2020 we encourage participants to create their own data. See synthetic/code/ for examples of how to generate data.

To download the pre-generated data, see synthetic/create_dcase2020_dataset.sh and launch line by line in case of bugs.


Description of Desed for dcase2020 task 4

Real data (same as 2019)
  • Training: 1578 weakly labeled clips, 14412 unlabeled clips
  • Public Evaluation: 692 Youtube files (reported as “eval youtube” in papers)
  • Challenge Evaluation: Youtube and Vimeo files.

DESED soundbank (same as 2019):

  • Training: There are 2060 background files from SINS (only files annotated as ‘other’ in the SINS subset) and 1009 foreground from Freesound.
  • Evaluation: There are 12 (Freesound) + 5 (Youtube) background files and 314 foreground files.

Already generated soundscapes:

  • Training: 2595 clips generated (10s files with a FBSNR between 6dB to 30dB).

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