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  • Why don’t we have a single dataset repository ?

The synthetic data or real data can be used independently for different purposes. One can create new synthetic data and evaluate his system on synthetic data only to focus on a specific problem.

  • Why audio is not always included in the repository ?

Because of licenses issues. (Example of SINS in the training soundbank) We do not have the problem for evaluation data because we try to overcome the problem after running into this issue.

  • I have a problem downloading the real dataset. How do I do ? If you’re in a country with youtube restrictions, you can try to use a VPN and the –proxy option from youtube-dl. You can also try to upgrade youtube-dl since it is regularly updated. Finally, if you succeeded to download most of the files, you can send the missing files as stated before in this page.
  • How do I evaluate and compare my system with other methods using this dataset ?

In this paper you can refer to the column ‘Youtube’ and for further study, you can cite the DESED public evaluation set.

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