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Associate Teams

Associate Teams are an essential element of Inria’s international policy. This program of the International Relations Department is one of the main Inria tools for supporting bilateral scientific collaborations and promoting and strengthening its strategic partnerships abroad.

An Associate Team is a joint research project created between an Inria project-team and a research team from abroad. The two partners jointly define a scientific objective with a clear added value for each of them, a research plan and a program for bilateral exchanges.

The call for projects is published each year during the summer with a deadline in early October. Successfull proposals are created for a period of three years and are awarded a grant from Inria in the range of 10 000 – 13 000€ /year.

The program had launched joint calls with the FAPESP (FAP of Sao Paulo) in 2019 (two associated teams starting in 2020 were cofunded: CAPOEIRA and MoCoVec) and with many other FAPs in the past framework of the joint Confap-CNRS- Inria program between 2014 and 2018.

Application guidelines for 2024 Call

International Chair

In 2013, Inria launched the “International Chairs” program in order to offer to international prestigious researchers the possibility of long visits (twelve months along five years)  in Inria Project Teams. You may visit the Inria International Chairs webpage to know more, including application conditions.


The post-doctoral student integrates a research team, allowing him/her to take advantage of the close relations between Inria and international and industrial partner institutions while deepening his/her knowledge. For more informations.

STIC&Math AmSud Programs 

The STIC and MATH AmSud are cooperation programs between France and South America which aim to promote and strengthen the research projects in the fields of Information and Communication Science and Technology (STIC AmSud Call) but also Mathematics (MATH AmSud Call). The projects have to involve at least one French research team and two South-Americans. The countries participating to these programs are Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, France, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

The deadline for submitting applications is usually in May of each year.

For more information about application and the program.

Franco-Brazilian calls for projects


The French Committee for the Evaluation of University and Scientific Cooperation with Brazil (COFECUB) co-publishes joint calls with the Brazilian CAPES and the University of São Paulo to fund joint research and training activities.

Call for projects USP- COFECUB

The objective of this program is to initiate or develop scientific cooperation, promoting joint research and training activities between French researchers and teacher-researchers and their colleagues at the University of São Paulo. This joint program funds the mobility of scientists (including post-doctoral students) with a priority given to training at the doctoral level. Projects are selected for a period of two years (with the possibility of renewal).

The program is open to all disciplinary fields and is evaluated according to the scientific excellence of the teams’ project, the participation of young researchers (doctoral/post-doctoral students), the relevance of the cooperation (scientific complementarity), the long-term development prospects of the partnerships involved and the expected scientific/industrial results.

Applications must be submitted online by mid-June of each year.

For more information.

Call for projects CAPES/COFECUB

This program funds research collaborations to train Brazilian and French PhDs supervised by permanent researchers, for a period of 4 years. Its objective is to initiate or develop scientific cooperation and relations between the research centers and universities of both countries through the support of joint research projects of excellence, involving the mobility of researchers with priority given to training at the doctoral and post-doctoral levels.

The evaluation is done independently of the chosen theme, according to criteria of scientific excellence of the project and the teams, but also of the complementarity of the parties, the perspectives of results and the participation of young researchers, especially doctoral or post-doctoral students.

Applications must generally be submitted by July of each year.

For more information.


The Embassy of France in Brazil supports the training of young researchers and postdoctoral fellows through various mobility programs.

Franco-Brazilian Chairs

It has been ten years now that the Consulate General of France in Sao Paulo and the three universities of the State of São Paulo, the University of São Paulo (USP), the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and the State University of São Paulo “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” (UNESP), have launched each year a new call for applications of professors or researchers from French research and higher education institutions.

These chairs, lasting from 30 to 60 days and co-directed by a Brazilian professor, are an excellent opportunity to develop and structure collaborations between French organizations and the Universities of the State of São Paulo through research, teaching and scientific dissemination activities. The program is built in a spirit of reciprocity, allowing the hosting of a professor from the Brazilian university in the French institution.

The application deadline is usually early December and the mobility period is usually between March and December of the following year.

The text of the call for applications and the procedures for submitting applications are available in French or Portuguese.

Mobility program FAPERJ/France

FAPERJ, in collaboration with the French Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, has initiated the “FAPERJ-France International Mobility Program – 2020” to support the arrival of French researchers and doctoral students in educational and/or research institutions located in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

The program will support two modalities:

– French Chairs, intended to support up to 10 (ten) researchers who wish to carry out part of their research in institutions in the State of Rio de Janeiro for a period of 30 to 90 days

– the International Mobility of Doctoral Students, intended to support up to 5 (five) French doctoral students who wish to carry out part of their research in institutions based in the State of Rio de Janeiro for a period of up to 6 (six) months.

In the context of the last call, applications had to be submitted before the end of January (for the first edition of the program; 2nd edition to be confirmed).

You can find more information on the site of FAPERJ (Portuguese version) or on the site of CNRS (French version).

PhD Mobility Grants Program

This grant is intended to fund the research visit in France of a doctoral student of Brazilian nationality, already in co-supervision of a thesis or enrolling this year, under 40 years of age at the time of departure.

It offers the co-financing of the beneficiary’s stay in France, for a period of 6 months per year during the last 3 years of the thesis, but it must be complementary to an additional funding of at least 750 euros per month.

You can find more information in French or Portuguese.

The 1st edition of this call was in January 2019 (2nd edition to be confirmed)

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