Current Work


emergeablesEmergeables is an interaction concept which explores mobile surfaces that can deform or ‘morph’ to provide fully-actuated, tangible controls.

Inner Garden

inner-garden-thumbInner garden is a project that was motivated by our desire to create a playful and mindful medium. Our system is inspired by both the reflective and metaphoric nature of zen gardens as well as the playful and experimental nature of sandboxes.


tobe-thumbTobe is a set of tools for introspection purposes that leverages both SAR and physiological computing. It allows users to create customized augmented tangible avatars that display real-time inner states.

Tangible Viewports

tports-thumbTangible Viewports is an hybrid workspace that enables the use of tangible augmented objects in a standard desktop computer workflow, by leveraging input modalities that best fit the current task.


cursar-thumbCurSAR is a study on the performance of traditional indirect input devices, such as the mouse and the graphics tablet, when used in SAR contexts.

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