Inner Garden

Inner garden is a project that was motivated by our desire to create a playful and mindful medium. Our system is inspired by both the reflective and metaphoric nature of zen gardens as well as the playful and experimental nature of sandboxes. Zen gardens are all about careful placement of elements and are often used for contemplative and meditative purposes. On the other hand, sandboxes call for interaction and experimentation. Our main goal was to create an ambient and meditative toy that could both include playful physical creation and contemplation.

Related publications:

  • Joan Sol Roo, Renaud Gervais and Martin Hachet (2016). Inner Garden: an Augmented Sandbox Designed for Self-Reflection. In Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction WiP (TEI ’16).
  • Renaud Gervais, Joan Sol Roo, Jérémy Frey and Martin Hachet (2016). Introspectibles: Tangible Interaction to Foster Introspection. In CHI 2016 Computing and Mental Health Workshop (CHI ’16 Workshop).

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