SHT31-D Adafruit board

To measure Temperature and Humidity at 4 different height, we use 4 SHT31-D Adafruit board. The communication with the board is done with I2C.


Because the board allows only two addresses, we toggle the address pin of the different board on after the other. If we want to communicate with one board, we send a 1 to its address pin and a 0 to the address pins of the other board. This pin toggling is done by the firmware running on the Dust mote.




Cable PIN
SDA PIN 9 / P1 Header SPIS_SSn (SDA)
SCL PIN 11 / P1 Header SPIS_SCK (SCL)
+3,3 PIN 22 / P1 Header VUSB_3V6 *
GND PIN 4 / P1 Header GND
S3 PIN 13 / P1 Header IPCS_MISO (GPIO6)
S2 PIN 14 / P1 Header IPCS_MOSI (GPIO5)
S4 PIN 15 / P1 Header IPCS_SSn (GPIO3)
S1 PIN 16 / P1 Header IPCS_SCK (GPIO4)

*For testing purposes only, it should go to PIN 20 / P2 Header VBATTERY on the Motes.

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