PLASMA Lab 1.4.2 Released

A new version of PLASMA Lab (v1.4.2) has been released.

This version provides several modifications and new functionalities to PLASMA LAb’s user:

  • Reorganisation and renaming of some SMC algorithms:
    • Merging Monte-Carlo and Chernoff algorithms: the new algorithm interface has 3 parameters, but not all are mandatory. Either “Total sample” is entered; or “Delta” and “Epsilon” and the number of simulations is determined by the Chernoff bound.
    • “Iterated mdp” algorithm is renamed “Smart Sampling”.
    • “Sequential MDP” is renamed “Seq. Smart Sampling”.
  • New comparison algorithm to compare to probabilities.
  • New output format for the command line: “proba” only output a single value (depends on the algorithm, but it usually corresponds to the probability).
  • New format for project files: content (model, requirements, data) can now be a link to a file on the hard drive. This allows to have projects that are easy to use with both the GUI and the CLI. Using the import function of the GUI to add a content from an existing file will use this new format. Creating a new content will use the old format. Old project files are still supported. The demo directory in PLASMA Lab’s bundle uses the new format.

Several modifications concern the developers of  PLASMAS Lab and PLASMA LAb’s plugins:

  • New AbstractClasses in the API  that implements common functions of algorithm, scheduler and workers.
  • Updating the distribution mechanism: workers are properly stopped which facilitates scripting of PLASMA Lab Service.
  • Updating Plasma Lab exceptions.

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