Solution improvement

Since the end of the DMSP experiment, the solution has evolved in several directions:

  • Embedding the Personal Server in secure objects built by assembling standard components that can be produced by any electronics company, opening the market to competition.
  • Personal server 100% Plug&Play, with several communication interfaces (USB and Bluetooth). Installing DMSP is now as simple as downloading a smartphone application and various terminals can be used (tablets, smartphones, etc.) to access the patient record.
  • Actors authentication through fingerprint: prevents the patient forgetting his PIN code to unlock his personal server, avoids professionals need to travel with a CPA or CPS card reader and to connect it at patient’s home.
  • Integration of a microphone: gives the possibility to anyone, without requiring any terminal, to store a voice message targeting a medico-social professional into the patient’s folder (thus acting as a secure voice mail).

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