DMSP solution

The Yvelines General Council concluded agreements with INRIA to conduct a field experiment of a dematerialized personal medical-social folder (DMSP) in order to improve the coordination of care and social services for vulnerable people. This project aims to: (1) integrate medical, social, administrative and coordination data into one folder, (2) make it accessible at the bedside even without Internet connection, (3) avoid duplicate data entry when it is supplied to other information systems (eg national DMP, APA processing), (4) give the patient a real control on his folder and strong privacy guarantees and (5) reduce the recurring operating costs.

The application “Medical-Social Personal Folder” DMSP relies on PlugDB architecture. Each patient is equiped with a Personal Server, which stores its medical and social data, allows authenticating each stakeholder, gives him access to the folder view corresponding to its practice, and synchronizes without Internet connection (a mechanism inspired by Delay-Tolerant Networks) with a remote server, thus allowing to backup the folder and further synchronize it with different applications or external processing chains.

The embedded Personal Server ensures that each professional can only access athorized data, depending on its role. The security of the PlugDB architecture is reinforced by the complexity and cost of attacks (need to be in possession of the physical object and to break the security of a smart card) and their small benefit (a successful attack compromises only the data of a single individual).

Operation Mode of the Medical-Social Personal Folder

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