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Poster at IJCAI 2015: Emotions in Argumentation

In addition to our paper at IJCAI 2015 we also presented a poster that we include below: Get the PDF of the Poster IJCAI 2015  

First Annual report and First experimental results

Scientific Progresses During the first year, we have defined the protocol for the first experimental setting, which will represent the first stage of the proof-of-concept. The goal of the first experiment is to address a feasibility study of the annotation of a corpus of natural language arguments with emotions. The experiment involved a group of …

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Call for participation to an experiment.

PDF: Annonce Seempad-1

Review of the devices for experimentation

We did a review of the devices available: Sensing Equipement Quantity Model Reference Eye tracking Tobii-Eye Tracker 2x Tobii-TX300 http://www.tobii.com/fr/eye-tracking-research/global/products/hardware/tobii-tx300-eye-tracker/ Eye tracking Tobii-Glasses 2x Tobii-glasses http://www.tobii.com/Global/Analysis/Downloads/User_Manuals_and_Guides/Tobii%20Glasses%20User%20Manual.pdf?epslanguage=en Eye tracking Tobii-Eye Tracker 1x Tobii-T60 http://www.tobii.com/Global/Analysis/Downloads/User_Manuals_and_Guides/Tobii_T60_T120_EyeTracker_UserManual.pdf Conductivity BIOPAC 1x BIOPAC-M150 http://www.biopac.com/data-acquisition-system-mp150-system-glp-win Conductivity PROCOMP-INFINITI 1x(attached to the white coat) SA7500 http://www.thoughttechnology.com/pdf/manuals/SA7510%20rev.%207%20ProComp%20Infiniti%20User%20Manual.pdf EEG Emotiv-EPOC 1x (2nd is in reparation) Model …

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