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CityLab@Inria, Inria Project Lab (May 2014 – …)

INRIA Partners: ARLES-MIMOVE, CLIME, DICE, FUN, MYRIADS, OAK, SMIS, URBANET, WILLOW. External partners: UC Berkeley. CityLab@Inria studies ICT solutions toward smart cities that promote both social and environmental sustainability. A strong emphasis of the Lab is on the undertaking of a multi-disciplinary research program through the integration of relevant scientific and technology studies, from sensing …

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CAPPRIS, Inria Project Lab (Dec. 2011 – Dec. 2015)

Inria partners: PRIVATICS (coordinator), SMIS, PLANETE, CIDRE, COMETE. External partners: Univ. of Namur, Eurecom, LAAS. An Inria Project Lab (IPL) is a long-term multi-disciplinary project launched by Inria to sustain large scale risky research actions in line with its own strategic plan. CAPPRIS stands for “Collaborative Action on the Protection of Privacy Rights in the …

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