Category: Research Directions

Embedded Data Management

The challenge tackled in this research action is threefold: (1) revisit classical data management techniques (e.g., RDBMS engine, full-text search engine) to cope with the strong hardware constraints of smart objects, (2) address more advanced data types (e.g., spatio-temporal data such as trajectory data) in the context of new storage devices based on Flash and …

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Secure Data Sharing and Distributed Computations

This action explores the problems of sharing user ”information” (rather than ”raw data”), while preserving the privacy of the user. There are two aspects to this problem : secure data intensive computations and secure data sharing. With the former, user’s raw data can be transformed (e.g. aggregated) to compute the information to be shared. Privacy …

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Trusted Cells Data Management Architecture

This research direction aims at designing a reference architecture for the management of personal data which incorporates Privacy-by-Design principles, and confronting it to existing use-cases. The primary objective is to gain a better understanding of architectural problems linked to privacy protection and to its enforcement along the data life (creation, capture, retention, distribution, deletion). The …

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