WICED x Cinemotions 2023

The Workshop on Intelligent Cinematography and Editing and Workshop on Emotions in Movies will be joining hands this year at IMX2023 to share our collective passion for research into film and moving images.  We hope to present a combined programme that appeals to both communities, presenting the latest developments in each field and starting new conversations between the two fields’ practitioners.


Virtual cameras, mise-en-scene, lighting and editing (montage) are regularly used in 3D synthetic environments for visual media such as film, games, and virtual reality. While often invisible to the public eye, their use increases the effectiveness of the content in engaging their audiences, creating more impactful and emotional experiences. At the same time, recent advances in computer vision-based object, actor, and event recognition, face tracking, and camera motion estimation make it possible to new kinds of automation in film, television and other videographic media, such as re-cinematography (re-lighting, re-framing) and automatic editing of videos.

The WICED workshop series is intended to bridge the gap between these topics of research and confront challenges in these domains. One common area of active research is the representation and understanding of the story to be told and its relation to its communicative goals. Another area is the extension of traditional film grammar towards more immersive and interactive experiences, and the emergence of smart tools for virtual reality and augmented reality movie making. Yet another topic rises with the advances of modern machine learning techniques, to deploy smart editing systems for video.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers and industrial experts working in all aspects of digital cinematography and film editing in their respective fields, including 3D graphics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, visualization, interactive narrative, cognitive and perceptual psychology, computational linguistics, computational aesthetics and visual effects.

About Cinemotions

Emotions play an essential role in perception, decision making, communication, and human experience. They have been investigated for the past few decades in a wide range of fields including: psychology, sociology, neuroscience, cognitive science, and more recently, computer science with the advent of affective computing, or emotion artificial intelligence (AI). Affective computing is the research and development of systems able to recognise, interpret, process, and simulate human emotions, but the field has come under increasing scrutiny and contestation for certain based social predictive applications.

When making movies, filmmakers and directors take a great interest in representing the emotions of characters on screen, but also playing with the perception and affects of their audience. Taking into account the emotional aspect of movies can then prove useful for a wide variety of film-related, interactive, and immersive media applications. This raises several technical, ethical, psychological, design, ethical, and usage questions that this workshop wishes to address.

To summarise, Cinemotions aims to bring together researchers and practitioners from various fields — including, but not limited to, computer science and cognitive science — to discuss challenges in representing and considering affects and emotions for film-related, interactive, and immersive media applications and experiences, from an interdisciplinary perspective.

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