The intelligent analysis and computation of cinematic elements including placement of virtual cameras, transitions between shots and lighting, shows great promise to extend the communicative power of the film arts into the artificial environments of games and virtual worlds. When paired with emerging depth-sensing cameras and computer vision algorithms, intelligent cinematography algorithms increasingly find applications in real-world cinematography as well.

This workshop intends to bring together leading researchers from fields including 3D graphics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, visualization, interactive narrative, cognitive and perceptual psychology, computational linguistics, computational aesthetics, visual effects, augmented reality, virtual reality and others related to aspects of automatic camera control and film editing.

This workshop has been previously associated with AAAI, Eurographics, FDG, and AIIDE. The 9th installment will be co-located with Eurographics/Eurovis 2020 as a virtual conference**, where it has historically strong connections with computer graphics and animation on topics of interactive and automated camera control, visualization, visibility computation, and visual storytelling.


** Due to the developing situation of the COVID-19 outbreak, WICED 2020 will go virtual this year. More information on registration and organization will be updated here.

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