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The expressive use of virtual cameras, mise-en-scene, lighting and editing (montage) within 3D synthetic environment shows great promise to extend the communicative power of film and video into the artificial environments of interactive games and virtual worlds.

At the same time, recent advances in computer vision-based object, actor and action recognition make it possible to envision novel re-cinematography (re-lighting, re-framing) and automatic editing of live-action video.
The workshop series is intended to bridge the gap between the two areas and confront research being performed in both domains. One common area of active research is the representation and understanding of the story to be told and its relation to its communicative goals. Another area is the extension of traditional film grammar towards more immersive and interactive experiences, and the emergence of virtual reality and augmented reality movie making.

This one-day workshop aims to bring together researchers and industrial experts working in all aspects of digital cinematography and film editing in their respective fields, including 3D graphics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, visualization, interactive narrative, cognitive and perceptual psychology, computational linguistics, computational aesthetics and visual effects.

This year, we would also like to propose a special topic on cinematography and machinima in virtual reality, and how it shapes the future of film and entertainment systems.

The 9th edition of the workshop will take place 25 May 2020 as a virtual conference, immediately before Eurographics / Eurovis 2020.

Researchers should submit one of:

  • Regular paper (4-8 pages) reporting new work or new ideas in a relevant research area.
  • Invited paper (1 page abstract) reporting relevant work already published in other venues.

Please use the Eurographics template to prepare your submission. Reviews will be single-blind.

Submission website:
Instructions: To make a new submission, select the following items for each field
society – “VGTC
conference/journal – “EuroVis 2020
track – “EuroVis2020 Workshop on Intelligent Cinematography and Editing

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