All times are given in BST (British Summer Time).

October 19th

  • (15:00) Welcome and introduction
  • (15:10) First keynote talk by Wojciech Samek [Slides]
  • (16:10) Break
  • (16:40) First session of presentations
    • (16:40) LatentViz: Investigating and Comparing Variational Auto-Encoders via Their Latent Space
    • (17:00) OptiLIME: Optimized LIME Explanations for Diagnostic Computer Algorithms [Slides]
    • (17:20) [Invited talk] Fooling Neural Network Interpretations via Adversarial Model Manipulation (by Juyeon Heo) [Slides]
  • (17:40) Discussion Panel

October 20th

  • (15:00) Second session of presentations
    • (15:00) Now You See Me (CME): Concept-based Model Extraction [Slides]
    • (15:20) Guided LIME: Structured Sampling based Hybrid Approach towards Explaining Blackbox Machine Learning Models
    • (15:40) [Invited talk] A Comparison of Counterfactual Algorithms for Explaining Prediction Models on Behavioral and Textual Data (by Yanou Ramon) [Slides]
  • (16:00) Break
  • (16:30) Second keynote by Cynthia Rudin [Slides] [Recording]
  • (17:30) Feedback from workshop participants and conclusion

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