All times are given in EDT (Eastern Daylight Time, UTC -4) .

9:00am: Introduction (chair: Luis Galárraga)
9:10am: Invited Talk, Overcoming real-world challenges in AI decision support by Niels van Berkel
9:55am: First round of presentations (chair: José Oramas)

  • 9:55am: Shortcomings of Interpretability Taxonomies for Deep Neural Networks by Anders Søgaard
  • 10:10am:9:55am: Interpretability in Activation Space Analysis of Transformers: A Focused Survey by Soniya Vijayakumar [slides][paper]
  • 10:20am:10:15am: Explainer Divergence Score (EDS): Some Post-Hoc Explanations May be Effective for Detecting Unknown Spurious Correlations by Shea Cardozo and Gabriel Islas Montero [paper][slides][poster]

10:35am: Break
11:00am: Invited Talk, White Coat, Black Box: Mitigating Shortcuts in ML for Health by Jenna Wiens (chair: José Oramas)
11:30am: Invited Talk, Explainability in Graph Neural Networks by Alexandre Duval [slides] (chair: Luis Galárraga)
12:00pm: Lunch Break
1:30pm: Poster Spotlights (chair: Julien Delaunay)

  • 1:30pm: Explaining Convolutional Neural Networks by Tagging Filters by Michael Färber
  • 1:35pm: Offensive Text Detection Across Languages and Datasets Using Rule-based and Hybrid Methods by Kinga Andrea Gémes
  • 1:40pm: Explainability for Misinformation in Financial Statements by Sushodhan Vaishampayan
  • 1:45pm: Finding Components of a Good Accuracy with XAI! by Benjamin Chamand and Olivier Risser-Maroix [paper]
  • 1:50pm: Want robust explanations? Get smoother predictions first by Deddy Jobson [paper][poster]

2:00pm: Virtual Posters Session (chair: Adrien Bibal)
2:50pm: Second round of presentations (chair: Julien Delaunay)

  • 2:50pm: Privacy and Transparency in Graph Machine Learning: A Unified Perspective (Position Paper) by Megha Khosla [slides] [paper]
  • 3:10pm: Globally Local and Fast Explanations of t-SNE-like Non-linear Embeddings by Pierre Lambert
  • 3:30pm: Fast Optimization of Weighted Sparse Decision Trees for use in Optimal Treatment Regimes and Optimal Policy Design by Ali Behrouz [slides][paper]

3:50pm: Closing discussion (chair: Luis Galárraga)

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